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1. Choose Your Product

Select the Doctor's Optimal Formula product that you wish to receive via autoship. Click on the product image to see steps below. If you choose the 'Add to Cart' option, a popup will ask whether you want to enroll in autoship.

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From the product page, you will have the option of enrolling in autoship. Once this radio button is selected, you will be able to see and select the desired frequency of your delivery.

Please Note: There are certain products that have limited options for autoship, either because of their quantity or the shelf-life of the product. Meso Plus Astaxanthin is only available to be shipped 1 bottle every 3 months. The Lid Scrub Therapy and Hypochlorous Lid Spray are both available as only a 1 month subscription, to ensure maximum potency. These products, however, are all available to you with FREE SHIPPING.

3. Check Out!

Confirm that the selected product and delivery frequency is accurate (and if your product is Eye Formula or Whole Body Eye Formula, that you have accurately chosen whether or not you require your formulation With Zinc or Zinc-Free). Simply follow the prompts to check out, inputting the rehired fields for your address and credit card information.

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2. Details of Your Subscription

If you have a subscription with Doctor's Optimal Formula, you will see all the details relevant to your subscription or subscriptions located at the bottom of your account page. Information such as your next bill date, amount, unique subscription ID, etc. can all be found here., Clicking on the product name, or 'Edit' will allow you to view more detailed information, as well as access more specific options pertaining to your subscription.

Doctor's Optimal Formula


Doctor’s Optimal Formula has been providing premium, physician exclusive nutraceuticals and supplemental therapeutics to patients through our family of physicians and practices for over a decade. Formulated with the latest medical research and scientific analysis, Doctor’s Optimal Formula is committed to improving the health and well being of our patients through our network of over 14,000 practices. If you are unhappy with your Doctor's Optimal Formula subscription, please do not hesitate to contact us at (904) 758-2088 or at